Web Development

What We Do

Second Shift Technology is a full-service, custom web development firm that will work with you to build your digital solution and help set the perfect first impression your business needs. When you are ready to expand the capabilities of your website and incorporate more functionality to help you in your day-today business, Second Shift Technology is ready to build upon your site and expand it into a Custom Web application to support your business goal and objectives. Our websites and web applications are built on Open Source Technology, which gives us great flexibility to deliver high quality websites at lower costs to you.

Made to Order

A template is going to be loaded with graphics, copy and code that are used by dozens if not thousands of other businesses. A customized web design service offers the top-notch graphics, copy and code, but you also get custom web applications to go with your site. These apps include things like shopping carts, payment systems, and anything else your site needs to provide a functional and useful web browsing experience for your visitors, prospects and customers. A template or a DIY site won’t be as useful or as valuable as one that’s tailor made to fit your exact needs.

Worth the Investment

Sure, many templates and DIY web design platforms are free. But templates and halfway decent websites aren’t going to win you any favors in the business world. Not only will your website fail to impress anyone, but nobody will be able to find it.

A custom-built website created by Second Shift Technology is optimized for the search engines so that your target market is always within easy reach. And because most people are using their computers and smart phones to search for products and services these days, you’ll definitely want your website to be optimized for the search engines. A template and a DIY website just won’t have the ‘search engine juice’ necessary to reach out to your audience.

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