Second Shift Technology Starting to Take Off

Second Shift Technology Starting to Take Off

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Whats Going on?

Starting this year, our company went through a rebranding. We have shed our former identity of Carolina Technology Services and created our new identity of Second Shift Technology. Carolina Technology Services was a great starting point especially since we started in Raleigh, NC. Over the years, as we grew and eventually relocated north to Frederick, MD, it was time to update ourselves.

Second Shift Technology was born to create opportunity. Not only for its clients and customers but for its staff and developers. Going forward this is just the beginning. We would like to thank our clients for being patient with us during this transition. And we are looking forward to nothing but good things and continued success as we go forward. Lots of plans are being laid and some are starting under way. Keep an on us as we continue to grow and expand.

So What’s New?

During the last few months, Second Shift Technology has expanded it E-Commerce division Recommended Reading. We are currently looking to bring on an individual to manage and run this division. With more and more businesses needing to expanded their sales into online, it only made sense for Second Shift Technology to help guide them along the way.

We also have a number of new clients starting to line up and be brought on board with us. More information will be posted as these clients formally join with Second Shift Technology.

How can I stay up to date?

We will continue to provide updates on our website, and you can now follow our company on both LinkedIn,  Facebook and we will soon be adding Twitter as well. Updates will be posted on a regular basis on all these sites. If you want to ask us a questions directly, please visit our Contact Us page and complete the online form.

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