Leisure World Security

Leisure World Security

Leisure World Security

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Business Problem:

The Leisure World Security Department is in charge of protecting the gated community at Leisure World. With over 8,000 residents on 610 acres. Part of the services that the Security Department offers its residents is holding spare keys to their homes in case of a lost or stolen key. For years their system of managing the keys on file has been referring to ledger books. This makes reporting very difficult and time consuming with low accountability and tracking.


Second Shift Technology reviewed current operations and reviewed what needs the Security Department had. A digital Bar Code system was implemented with over 3,000 keys tagged and logged in their system. Samsung Galaxy tablets are used to interact with the system at the main gate house. Using touch technology residents are able to check out their key and leave a digital signature with the touch of their finger tip. Bar code scanners are used to check keys out and back in upon their return.

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